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    • Education is everywhere. And Education is the key. Whoever wants to live in better standards of living should have to study To the young to the old, education remains the key
    • EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION Whoever wants to be respected should study If you want to be a good mother or father in future should study We speak English because of education We debate because of English We look smart because of education We create many friends from other districts and countries because of education We are fear able by the fake people because of education Education is the key
    • EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION People have visited new places because of education The principles that are concerned in education are respect, love, fear, kindness, faithful, care, self esteem, and thankful. Education has brought to the development of the community So I encourage parents to educate their children and they will be respectable.

    Mukeera Marion Form 2, Malaba sss

    Mukeera Marion
    Mukeera Marion


    In most parts of Uganda, most teachers have negative and positive qualities but the following are the good qualities they should have: A good teacher should dress decently. He / she dress code that good to make in reflect his title. If he/she dresses well, it will be a example to the students. but if he/ she dresses poorly he will mislead the students. In other ways, a good teacher should be knowledgeable on the subject content meaning that he? She should be well versed with what he/she is passing to the students and should at least confirm from the syllabus of subject but not guessing things.

    Besides, a good teacher should also have love and passion for students by working together with them tirelessly but not being against them in a way that may make others fear the and at the end not understand what they are teaching Furthermore, a good teacher should be prepared round the clock with schemes of work and lesion plans to work with determination to make students achieve what they expect to get for their better future. In addition to that, a good teacher should be dedicated in his/ her duties so as to ensure that students are doing what is recommended for them and see that they are not doing wrong things that can prevent them from achieving their goals successfully like stealing, fighting, sexual intercourse, showing disrespect to teachers and not loving their friends as they love themselves.

    A good teacher should also research new things (creative) in his subjects by crosschecking many books written by various authors in the whole country, reading newspapers and visiting internet and implement them. A good teacher should have power of command or control of his class by capturing their attention and this can be done by a teacher who expresses himself freely and bold in class. He/ she should be honest to learners in order to create unity between him and his students. A good teacher should also be approachable to students that are to say they can easily approach him for any guidance and help.

    A good teacher should be God fearing. This implies that he should first know about God and should read the bible everyday to remind him about the good things and boy things to make him teach without any jealousy. A good teacher should always realize about the important of things but not being unbothered about things. Finally, a good teacher should bear all the qualities explained above for effective learning.



    A drug is a substance which when taken, is harmful to the body and spreads in the body and hence affects the immune system and can cause death to an individual​.

    The government has tried to play a great role towards deterring the use of drugs but people continue to break the laws against it because of its advantages.

    Drugs sometimes lead to dropping out of school; drugs cause hallucinating (falsehood of the mind), poor judgment and illusion all of which cause accidents and also cause failure in class; drugs damage the body tissues, which sometimes makes administration of medical drugs difficult; Among students, it lowers the intelligence quotient (IQ); it causes anxiety which leads to prostitution, rape and defilement; it also damage the heart, causing heart failure. However, drugs are important and are useful for treating health.

    The abuse of these drugs is rather harmful to the body.



    Drug abuse is the misuse of substances that may be dangerous to the health of someone. Examples are marijuana, cocaine and narcotics among others.

    People abuse drugs by taking alcohol in order to forget their problems. They end up facing the music alone by becoming alcoholic in a wild goose chase leading to poverty.

    When people abuse drugs, they face many dangers: it causes brain damage. So let us strike the iron when it is still hot. Otherwise, we shall lose them all.


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